Features #

  • WikiMarkup/Structured Text
  • File attachments
  • Templates support -- so you can design your own themes or layouts. See the list of ContributedTemplates.
  • Data storage: JSPWiki comes with two WikiPageProviders and has the capability to plug in other ones.
    • MySQL or any other database server is not needed! Wiki pages are saved as plain text files out-of-the-box.
    • However, database page providers can be used too, if it exists, via third party ContributedProviders.
  • Search capabilities: JSPWiki comes with three SearchProviders and has the capability to plug in other ones.
    • Page names, author, content, keywords and attachments are indexed and available on the search results page.
  • Security
    • Wiki-level and page-level privilege control.
    • Security can be applied to individual users as well as to entire groups.
    • Authentication: simple XML file-based, database-based, container-managed and custom authentication modules can be used.
    • Authorization: security policies and ACLs can be applied to authentication status (anonymous, cookie-based, authenticated), container roles or ad hoc wiki groups you set up yourself
  • Easy plugin interface for writing your own additions.
  • Page pre & post processing via WikiFilter.
  • UTF-8 support.
  • JavaServerPages-based
  • Easy-ish installation (if you have ever installed other JSP-based applications, that is :-).
  • Page locking to prevent editing conflicts
  • Page comments
  • Support for Multiple Wikis

[#1] Here's a footnote. [#2] Here's a footnote as well.