Getting JSPWiki Source Code#

JSPWiki source code is maintained using Git.

Checkout the code using:

git clone jspwiki
Change http to https if you are a developer intending to git push. You can check Getting started with Git at the ASF for further information. There is also a GitHub mirror, so you can also fork and send your PRs from there.

Building JSPWiki#

Apache JSPWiki is a Maven-based project and builds using the same commands as other Maven projects. The JSPWiki team maintains a cheat sheet of common Maven tasks for this project. Current release is 2.10.2 and can be reached through the downloads page, with development going into 2.10.3.

Coding standards:#

  • Use the Eclipse and Checkstyle formatters (both automatically incorporated when you run mvn eclipse:eclipse on the project.)
  • Remove trailing whitespace and whitespace on empty lines


  • All commits except those to the website or for releases should start with JSPWIKI-num: JIRA title. If committing a patch from a contributor the commit message should read JSPWIKI-num: JIRA title. Contributed by contributor's name.
  • Try not to break the current build by making sure that trunk still builds before committing.
  • Bump the version (in Please see the versioning proposal on which version number follows which one.
  • Add a suitable ChangeLog entry describing your change(s).
  • When resolving the JIRA, be sure to set the fix version to the current next planned release version as this is used to create the release notes.