Getting JSPWiki Source Code#

JSPWiki source code is maintained using Git.

Checkout the code using:

git clone jspwiki
Change http to https if you are a developer intending to git push. You can check Getting started with Git at the ASF for further information. Also, as it is hosted on GitHub, you can also fork and send your PRs from there.

In order to be able to commit on the github repos, the following steps must be taken:

  • Enable 2FA on your github account
  • Become part of the ASF org on github. If you have not done so already, visit and add your GitHub ID to your profile. An organisational invite will be sent to you via email shortly thereafter (within 30 minutes).
  • Link ASF and GitHub accounts through

Current repositories#

ASF git copies are on gitbox, like

There's also an SVN PMC-only private repo at to store JSPWiki project admin related stuff.

Building JSPWiki#

Apache JSPWiki is a Maven-based project and builds using the same commands as other Maven projects. The JSPWiki team maintains a cheat sheet of common Maven tasks for this project. Current release can be reached through the downloads page.

Whole Apache JSPWiki builds with at least mvn clean package. Tests can be skipped (although not recommended) using the -DskipTests flag, i.e.: mvn clean package -DskipTests, not with -Dmaven.test.skip. Common problems when building JSPWiki goes into details of why these specifics are needed.

Coding standards#

  • Use the Eclipse and Checkstyle formatters (both automatically incorporated when you run mvn eclipse:eclipse on the project.)
  • Remove trailing whitespace and whitespace on empty lines


  • All commits except those to the website or for releases should start with JSPWIKI-num: JIRA title. If committing a patch from a contributor the commit message should read JSPWIKI-num: JIRA title. Contributed by contributor's name.
  • Try not to break the current build by making sure that master still builds before committing.
  • Bump the version (in Please see the versioning proposal on which version number follows which one.
  • Add a suitable ChangeLog entry describing your change(s).
  • When resolving the JIRA, be sure to set the fix version to the current next planned release version as this is used to create the release notes.