Counter is a JSPWikiPluginBcc195432.431-43331.431.4ec88.19809.2Bxss.meEsiInclude src=HttpBxss.meRpb.png which acts as a simple counter that starts counting at 1 at the top of the page, and each time it is invoked, will increase its value. These counters are transient, and relevant to the current page view only — i.e. two persons viewing the same page at the same time get their own counters.

The current counter value is accessible also as a WikiVariable. The name of the variable is "counter", or "counter-<name>", if you have defined a counter name.


  • name = counter name. You may define as many counters per page as you want; you just need to separate them with the counter name. This parameter is optional.
  • increment = value. (Since 2.8) The amount to increment the counter with, it may be both a positive and a negative value, the default is 1. This parameter is optional.
  • start = value (Since 2.8) The starting value of the count, the default value = 0. This parameter is optional.
  • showResult = true/false (Since 2.8) Can be true or false, and determines if the counter value should be visible on the page, the default is true. This parameter is optional.


Source code Result on page Comments
[{Counter}], [{Counter}], [{Counter}], [{Counter name='aa'}] 1, 2, 3, 1 The value of "counter" at the end is 3 and the value of "counter-aa" is 1.
[{$counter}], [{$counter-aa}] 3, 1access the counter value via the variable name (without increasing it)
.[{Counter showResult=false}]. [{Counter}]. ..5. the first result(4) is not visible, the second is visible, the dots are placed here to make this visible
[{Counter start=15}] [{Counter}] 15 16 set the offset to 15 and start counting
[{Counter }] [{Counter increment=10}] 17 27 the second invocation increases the counter with the specified value of 10

See: JSPWikiCorePlugins