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A Wiki Skin is a collection of CSS styles and Javascript that reskin a current WikiTemplate.

The default skin is called PlainVanilla. Currently seen on this wiki.

The skin is controlled by the property jspwiki.defaultprefs.template.skinname.

To change a skin see HowToChangeASkin

Skins are found in the directory <webapp>/templates/<TemplateName>/skins/<SkinName>

Within each skin folder there are the following files/folders:

  • skin.css - style for this skin
  • skin.js - javascript for this skin
  • images/ - (optional) images for this skin

Available Skins#

  • PlainVanilla - this is the default skin
  • PlainVanilla 1024x768
  • CleanBlue - Custom developed skin
  • OrderedList - Custom developed skin
  • Smart - Custom developed skin