Wiki Template#

A WikiTemplate is the ability to control the 3 core UI functions:
  • ViewTemplate.jsp
  • EditTemplate.jsp
  • UploadTemplate.jsp

This allows the template to control the layout of the pages, the functionality, CSS and Javascript, and Internationalisation.

A Template uses JSPWikiTags and JSPWikiStyle to achieve it's UI.

The location of the templates is in <webapp>/templates/<TemplateName>

A WikiTemplate can include for following files/folders:

  • admin/ - A template can have special AdminPages
  • editors/ - JSP for various editors
  • images/ - various images used by the template
  • skins/ - A templates CSS and JS can be overwritten by a WikiSkin
  • *.jsp - all the JSP pages for a template

Dynamic Wiki Template#

A wiki template can be dynamically accessed for any page using the skin parameter in the URL. e.g.

Available Templates#

List of available templates:
  • default - what is currently used in this wiki
  • haddock - a new experimental template
  • raw - a template for view only raw page wiki content
  • reader - a blog type reader view for page HTML content