JSPWiki portable binaries#

As for 2.10.1, JSPWiki is also available on portable binaries

User notes#

  • Launches a JSPWiki instance at http://localhost:8080/JSPWiki
  • Right now, portable binaries are only available for windows/unix platforms, although they should be easily extendable to other OS
    • Need help here to develop required custom scripting and (especially) for testing
  • Almost all files get generated inside ./wiki-files, which gets generated next to the portable binary

Dev notes#

  • Module not yet integrated into main build, as there is still room for improvement
    • Just go into jspwiki-portable, run mvn clean install and check inside the target folder
  • Almost sure build configuration can be improved:
    • Launch4J: Tomcat extracts the app into a .extract folder. This can be customized by passing -extractDirectory ./wiki-files/ to the jar execution (at least according to Tomasz Nurkiewicz)
    • Tomcat7: Multiwiki support? we can use a custom tomcat's server.xml file (help here!)
    • JSPWiki: How to load an initial page repo?
    • JSPWiki: is 8080 the most appropriate port to launch portable JSPWiki?
  • Launch4j expects a certain directory structure, which renders the launch4j maven plugin unusable. Hence, the use of a custom Ant script
    • see woas:app target on build.xml and maven-dependency-plugin usage on pom.xml