VersioningFileProvider is one of the two core PageProviders (along with FileSystemProvider)

It is a simple versioning storage that provides a directory based repository for storing Wiki pages.


To setup VersioningFileProvider, you must configure a few options in your :

  • jspwiki.pageProvider =VersioningFileProvider (make sure there are no trailing blanks)
  • jspwiki.usePageCache = true (optional)
  • jspwiki.fileSystemProvider.pageDir =<path to where you want to store your wiki pages>

How the provider stores its files#

VersioningFileProvider sets up the files and directories in this structure:


  • Main.txt
  • Foobar.txt
  • OLD/
    • Main/
      • 1.txt
      • 2.txt
    • Foobar/

In this example, the wiki page 'Main' has three versions, while 'Foobar' has just one.

The properties file contains the necessary metainformation (such as author) information of the page. DO NOT MESS WITH IT!

See: HowToEnableVersions