Publications talking about JSPWiki#

Note: many publications have examples of applications using JSPWiki and/or describe work done with JSPWiki (by extending it or creating plug-ins) to create specific applications.

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JSPWiki presentation at ApacheCon 2014#

Siegfried Goeschl, 2014, PDF

How to host an Apache JSPWiki instance on Red Hat OpenShift#

Glen Mazza, 2013, Article

Container based authentication with JSPWiki, GlassFish and OpenDJ#

Dave Koelmeyer, 2012, Article (cfr. also with OpenDJ specific documentation on this subject)

Creating and using Semantic Web information with Makna#

Karsten Dello, Elena Paslaru Bontas Simperl, and Robert Tolksdorf Proceedings of the First Workshop on Semantic Wikis - From Wiki to Semantics SemWiki2006 - at the ESWC 2006 PDF

Wiki and Semantic Web: Opening Wikis for Information Integration with a Semantic Wiki Interchange Format (SWIFT)#

Max Völkel, submitted to WikiSym ’05, PDF

Semantic Wiki as Knowledge engineering tool: KnowWE. A semantic wiki plugin for JSPWiki#

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