The SpamFilter is a JSPWiki filter that can be used to block questionable edits. It is powered by "Herb", the JSPWiki spam engine.


The name of the WikiPage on which the word list resides. Default is SpamFilterWordList.
Page name where the IP regexps are found. Default is SpamFilterIPList.
Maximum page name length. Default is 100.
The name of the page to which the user is redirected, if the edit contains a matched word. On that page, the variable [{$msg}] is available, telling the reason.
How many page changes are allowed per minute before the IP address is put on a temporary ban list. Default is 5 changes/minute.
The length of the ban time. Default is 60 for 60 minutes.
How many URLs can an user add at once. Default is 5 URLs, before they are considered to be spammers. Internal Wiki links are not considered URLs. This feature is available since JSPWiki 2.4.72.
If you have an Akismet API key, just put it here and JSPWiki will start automatically using Akismet to do spam filtering. This feature is available since JSPWiki 2.4.72.
How many similar changes are allowed, regardless of which IP address they come from. Default is 2. This feature is available since JSPWiki 2.4.72.
If set to true, all authenticated users are ignored and never caught in SpamFilter. Default is false.
a comma separated list of groups that will bypass the filter. Available since JSPWiki 2.11.0.

The word list#

The SpamFilter looks at the WikiVariable called 'spamwords' on the wordlist page. This must contain a space-separated list of words not allowed in a page. In fact, each word is a full Perl5 regular expression, so you can do pretty complex matches as well.

Of course, it is a good idea to allow only trusted users to edit the wordlist page. Otherwise a spammer can remove the list...


Put the following in your filters.xml file (See PageFilter Configuration for more information):


to start the filter. Create a page called "SpamFilterWordList" and put the following on it:

[{SET spamwords='viagra money'}]
to prevent anyone from saving a page that contains either the word "viagra" or "money". In a bit more complicated example:
[{SET spamwords='[vV][iI][aA][gG][rR][aA]'}]
would block the words "viagra", "Viagra", "viAGra" and so on.

Advanced example#

This is how you use parameters. Assume that your Akismet API key is "1234567890", you would like to extend the ban time to 2 hours (120 minutes), and would like to limit page changes per minute to value of 5 changes/minutes. You can tell it to the SpamFilter like this: