New in JSPWiki 2.11.0.M7 - Released on 28/05/2020#

New in JSPWiki 2.11.0.M6 - Released on 17/12/2019#

  • Devs only
    • Official Dockerfile image
    • A couple of methods moved out of WikiEngine
    • TestEngine static builder methods
  • Small bug fixed (JSPWIKI-1120), contributed by Haris Adzemovic, thanks!
  • New javadoc doclet (i.e., compare #1 against #2)
  • Upgraded bundled dependencies
    • Flexmark to 0.50.44
    • Lucene to 8.3.1
    • Selenide to 5.5.1
    • SLF4J to 1.7.29
    • Tika to 1.23
    • Tomcat to 8.5.49

New in JSPWiki 2.11.0.M5 - Released on 18/09/2019#

Apache JSPWiki 2.11.0.M5 is the fifth release towards 2.11.0.

This release features, among other things:

  • Keyword support for JSPWiki pages - JSPWIKI-427
    • Use [{SET keywords=a,b,c}] to add keywords to a page. They will be shown in the info drop-down menu, and will be added as META tags to your page.
  • Show only part of Weblog entry on the overview page - contributed by Ulf Dittmer - JSPWIKI-1114
  • Security fixes - CVE-2019-10087, CVE-2019-10089, CVE-2019-10090, CVE-2019-12404 and CVE-2019-12407
  • Friendlier wiki page Lucene indexing when using custom analyzers - JSPWIKI-893
  • Upgraded bundled dependencies - JSPWIKI-1115
    • commons-lang to 3.9
      • dev-only breaking change: if you were using commons-lang transitively on your extension, you must declare it explicitly or migrate it to commons-lang 3
    • commons-text to 1.8
    • flexmark to 0.50.40
    • hsqldb to 2.5.0
    • jaxen to 1.2.0
    • jdom2 to 2.0.6
    • junit to 5.5.2
    • lucene to 8.2.0
    • selenide to 5.3.1
    • slf4j to 1.7.28
    • tika to 1.22
    • tomcat to 8.5.45
  • Devs only

New in JSPWiki 2.11.0.M4 - Released on 18/05/2019#

Apache JSPWiki 2.11.0.M4 is the fourth release towards 2.11.0.

This release features, among other things:

  • New TikaSearchProvider, to index a lot more of attachments - contributed by Ulf Dittmer - JIRA:469
  • LuceneSearchProvider now indexes all attachment filenames, whether their content is parsed or not, and also scans .md and .xml files
  • Security fixes - JSPWIKI-1107, JSPWIKI-1108 and JSPWIKI-1109
  • Haddock improvements
    • UserPreferences page has been extended to allow the users to view and delete page-based cookies
    • Attachment lists are now sortable on the attachment size field
  • InsertPagePlugin now also supports cookie based inserts, useful for one time page includes (i.e GDPR, welcome to this site, etc.) - JSPWIKI-1104
  • Adding the jspwiki.attachment.forceDownload property - JSPWIKI-1106
  • Wiki Markup enhacements and fixes
    • Add support for mixed css-class & css-style markup - JSPWIKI-1100
    • Improve rendering of inline preformatted text - JSPWIKI-1101
    • Added interwiki link for location links (google maps) eg: [Atomium|Location:Atomium, City of Brussels, Belgium]
  • Upgraded bundled dependencies - JSPWIKI-1110
    • commons-io to 2.6
    • flexmark to 0.42.6
    • jaxen to 1.2.0
    • jdom2 to 2.0.6
    • junit to 5.4.2
    • tomcat to 8.5.40
  • Devs only
    • New aggregated apidocs are available online, in addition to those available through maven repositories.

New in JSPWiki 2.11.0.M3 - Released on 25/03/2019#

Apache JSPWiki 2.11.0.M3 is the third release towards 2.11.0.

This release features, among other things:

  • Haddock improvements
    • Haddock Light appereance is enabled by default, as opposed to 2.11.0.M2
    • Drag & Drop capabilities added to the standard JSPWiki editor
    • Added Description meta-tag to improve on-page SEO
    • Added the Content-Security-Policy meta-tag to reduce the risk of XSS attacks
  • Removed unused top level JSP - JSPWIKI-1093
  • DefaultURLConstructor#getForwardPage( HttpServletRequest req ) now always returns Wiki.jsp - JSPWIKI-1095
  • Upgraded bundled dependencies - JSPWIKI-1096
    • flexmark to 0.40.24
    • lucene to 8.0.0
    • selenide to 5.2.2
    • slf4j to 1.7.26
    • tomcat to 8.5.39

New in JSPWiki 2.11.0.M2 - Released on 08/03/2019#

Apache JSPWiki 2.11.0.M2 is the second release towards 2.11.0.

This release features, among other things:

  • Haddock Dark appereance, enabled by default
    • if you want to keep the Light appereance by default, set jspwiki.defaultprefs.template.appearance to false on your jspwiki[-custom].properties file
  • Fixes related to Haddock being the default template as of 2.11.0.M1
    • Fixes for Reader view (JSPWIKI-1090), Diff view (JSPWIKI-1091) and WYSIWYG editor, which were incorrectly rendered
    • Fallback to default template if the requested template folder is not found - JSPWIKI-1088
      • this allows to 2.10 installations having set to haddock the jspwiki.templateDir property to keep that value, as opposed to 2.11.0.M1 behaviour
  • Fixed buggy header width in Fixed Page Layout - JSPWIKI-1074
  • Upgraded bundled dependencies - JSPWIKI-1092
    • flexmark to 0.40.16
    • gson to 2.8.5
    • junit to 5.4.0
    • lucene to 7.7.0
    • nekohtml to 1.9.22
    • stripes to 1.7.0-async (needed to test JSPWIKI-1088)
    • tomcat to 8.5.38
  • Devs only
    • classes on package have been moved to their own maven module, org.apache.jspwiki:jspwiki-util

New in JSPWiki 2.11.0.M1 - Released on 29/01/2019#

Apache JSPWiki 2.11.0.M1 is the first release towards 2.11.0.

This release features, among other things:

What does that M# mean anyway?#

M# releases are as production-ready as any other JSPWiki release, so you should not be concerned about its stability.

Please look at the VersioningProposal page to know how this label is used on Apache JSPWiki releases.