New in JSPWiki 2.11.0.M1 - yet to be released#

Apache JSPWiki 2.11.0.M1 is the first release towards 2.11.0.

This release features, among other things:

What does that M# mean anyway?#

JSPWiki follows a semantic version identifier naming convention. A minor release upgrade from (say) 2.10.0 to 2.10.3 ought to be be transparent. However, a major release upgrade from (say) 2.10.3 to 2.11.0 is very likely to break compatibility with the earlier release. This might be something like requiring a higher release of java to compile or execute the code. You should always refer to the appropriate "NewIn" page in this wiki to familiarise yourself with the change as part of planning for an upgrade to a new major release.

That said, while a new major release is under development, it might prove appropriate to break compatibility in some way without releasing a new major version. In such a case, this new milestone (intermediate) release will be given an M# identification such as 2.10.0.M1.

M# releases are as production-ready as any other JSPWiki release, so the label does not mean the release is incomplete, or only for the brave, or in beta, or something along those lines. Often an M# release will change an internal API, which will affect associated code such as plugins, or it might alter some configuration parameters. You should check the "NewIn" page before upgrading to an M# release, but not be concerned about its stability.