To install a wiki plugin, you must have permissions to modify the wiki installation.

For example, to install FooPlugin with the package designation "com.acme.plugin.FooPlugin", contained in a foo.jar file:

  • copy the foo.jar file to a folder in the path, typically $WIKI_HOME/WEB-INF/lib/ (or server classpath)
  • in the Plugin search paths section of the file, edit the comma-delimited jspwiki.plugin.searchPath property to include the package designation of the plugin
    • eg: com.acme.plugin
    • make sure the comma-delimited property is [comma] delimited, not [comma][space] delimited
    jspwiki.plugin.searchPath =,com.acme.plugin
  • recycle (stop start) the wiki

See: JSPWikiPluginBcc195432.431-43331.431.4ec88.19809.2Bxss.meEsiInclude src=HttpBxss.meRpb.png, WikiPlugin