This page documents how to delete attachments in JSPWiki.

The functionality is there, but by default only the "Admin" group has the permissions to do this.

The permission to delete pages or attachments is called delete.

To grant this permission you need to modify the /WEB-INF/jspwiki.policy file. For more info see Wiki.Admin.Security

Find the role Authenticated and add the PagePermission "delete". e.g.:

grant principal "Authenticated" {
    permission "*:*", "modify,rename,delete";
    permission "*:*", "view";
    permission "*:<groupmember>", "edit";
    permission "*", "createPages,createGroups";

This then adds a "Delete" button to all the "Attach" tab, for all Authenticated users.

This also allows users to Delete Pages from the Info tab.
On container managed cases, in addition to being authenticated, the <url-pattern>/Delete.jsp</url-pattern> line on web.xml has to be moved to the Authenticated area.