Haddock Template

HADDOCK Template#

The haddock is a marine fish distributed on both sides of the North Atlantic. Haddock is a popular food fish and is widely fished commercially Haddock Template/haddock_fish.jpg
Introducing the HADDOCK template, a new template and user interface for Apache JSPWiki, introduced as of v2.10.1.

Haddock features a clean, modern look and feel which builds upon the Bootstrap framework. It has a responsive design, allowing wiki pages to render well on a variety of devices and window or screen sizes. The template supports many new styles, including video viewers, a new slimbox, a carousel viewer, support for adding inline css, and much more. It also comes with a new plain and a wysiwyg editor.

The template JSP's and other assets are located in <your wiki url>/templates/haddock.

Since 2.11.0.M1 the Haddock template has become the new default template.

Note: to activate the haddock template in earlier JSPWiki versions, set jspwiki.templateDir = haddock in your jspwiki-custom.properties

See also: Haddock Editor, Haddock Styles, Haddock Styles Test page, Haddock Stylesheet Design

Simplified JSP's#

A new plain editor UI#

See Haddock Editor


Dynamic styles#

Dynamic styles are %%css styles supported by JavaScript which add dynamic behaviour or animation to parts of your wiki pages.
Dynamic styles are built on the idea of progressive enhancement: if javascript would be turned off in the browser, the wiki page should still be fully accessible and readable.

See Haddock Styles for more details.

The Raw view or Raw: interwiki link will display the raw page markup.

The Reader view or Reader: interwiki link (also accessible via the More... menu) will view the page with no clutter : no header (only the pagename), no footer, no sidebar and no menu-bars. This is great view for printing. When in Reader view, clicking the page name on top of the screen will get you back to the default page view.

[Raw:Haddock Template]    => raw wiki markup
[Reader:Haddock Template] => Reader view

Reserved Pages#

The Haddock template uses following reserved wiki pages, and degrades gracefully if it cannot find the pages.

Under the hood#

The HADDOCK template JSP's, the Javascript and the CSS stylesheets have gotten a complete overhaul.



How to extend the Haddock Template#