The %%carousel style is only available in the Haddock Template

The %%carousel JSPWikiStyles adds an auto-rotating media viewer to your page. Checkout which formats are supported.

See also Viewer, Slimbox

Put the %%carousel markup around a set of links: images, video's, wiki-pages and/or external links. The rotation is started when you first hover with your mouse over the viewer. The rotation is paused on mouseenter and resumes the cycling of the carousel on mouseleave. Clicking the control buttons allows the user to directly jump to one of the items.

  [haddock 500x288.jpg]
  [haddock 617x379.jpg] 
  [haddock 450x187.jpg] 
  [haddock 640x357.jpg] 

Very large images will scale down depending on the maximum size of the browser window.