New in JSPWiki 2.8#

Apache License all around#

JSPWiki has now completed a switch from LGPL to Apache License 2.0. This allows you to use JSPWiki in your own projects more liberally than before.

(However, this is not an Apache release - just the license has been changed.)

JDK 5 based.#

JSPWiki 2.8 now requires JDK 5 to run. This means that if you want to (re)write your plugins, you can safely use JDK 5 as a platform base.

No more need for JAAS setup (Andrew ?)#

JSPWiki now wires up its own JAAS login process, and no longer interferes with existing JAAS login stacks. The JAAS configuration options that were previously set in WEB-INF/jspwiki.jaas are now set in

Please see the UPGRADING document in the distribution for more information.


Simplified Chinese, Dutch and Italian localizations added!

The language is automatically detected from your browser, but you can override it by setting it in your JSPWiki Preferences.

Also, German, Dutch, Spanish and Chinese versions of the corepages have been added.

Template improvements#

Various css improvements were done for a better page rendering in IE6 and IE7.

Other template changes include a new Edit Toolbar with FamFamFam silk icons, improved rendering of popup boxes like %%tip and %%category and small updates of the JSPWikiStyles.

Improved GUI download weight #

JSPWiki now uses the YUI compressor, which compresses both javascript and css files.

Frequently used icons are merged in single 'strip' gifs to improve download speed.

Sectional Editing#

You can now edit parts of a page (sections), while still holding a lock on the whole page. This is especially handy if you have large pages.

The use of Sectional Editing is configurable in your JSPWiki Preferences. A new property in jspwiki.defaultprefs.template.sectionediting gives you the possibility to set the default behavior.

Sneak Preview #

While editing you can keep your Edit input area open and click on "Sneak Preview" to see how the page renders.

FCK Editor 2.6 Support#

You can now select the type of editor in your JSPWiki Preferences, the choices are plain and FCK. (WikiWizard editor is gone due to licensing and support issues). In order to use FCK, you should first have a look at HowToManuallyIntegrateFCKEditor.

Link suggestion during Edit#

You know how it works, you are editing a page and want to type a link to another page, but you forgot the exact name of it. Now Link Suggestion comes to the rescue, while typing the name of a link after an opening square bracket [ a JS popup appears and suggests you all existing pages whose names start with the text you are typing.

Also, attachments are put right on the top of the list, so it's the easy way to insert attachments as well!

When you click one of the suggested links, it is automatically inserted in your text.

Performance improvements in the RecentChanges plugin#

The RecentChanges plugin now has an additional cache which gives a significant performance improvement for arguably the most-often used page.

New options to some plugins#

ReferringPagesPlugin, UnusedPagesPlugin, UndefinedPagesPlugin and Counter plugin have received new parameters.

Complete Fixlist#

The full log of any issues fixed can be found at