Examples of JSPWiki applications#


CodeBeamer V4.1.1 uses a modified Version of JSPWiki.


EmForge is using JspWiki Engine.

JspWiki is playing a key-role in EmForge - since it is used for all textual information. For example, bug-descriptions are wiki-pages (so, may be referenced from another pages for example), project & milestone descriptions are wiki-pages... any text you see there are wiki :)

We are not using JspWiki JSP-Based GUI (since the whole project is written in JSF/Facelets). I hope we will release a new milestone very soon, and will publish the source-code (currently we are not doing so because there are still some security issues). Since EmForge is GPL all our extensions for JspWiki such as:

  • Subversion based WikiPageProvider
  • Integration with SpringFramework
  • JSF Tags and converters for working with wiki

will be freely available for the JspWiki team

--akakunin, 19-Jun-2007


Silverpeas is a Collaborative and Social Web Portal useful to build an Intranet and an Extranet. Silverpeas offers about 30 different applications permitting to the user to manage and to organize a large variety of contents. Amongst their applications, they used a JSPWiki-based wiki.

Apache Roller#

There is a JSPWiki Plugin for Apache Roller which allows you to use JSPWiki syntax in Roller blog entries.

Apache Forrest#

Apache Forrest features partial support for JSPWiki syntax through their JSPWiki plugin.


Kaukolu is a semantic wiki research prototype based on ‚ÄčJSPWiki and is used as a testbed for alternative approaches of mapping wiki contents to a knowledge base.