JSPWiki and Skype (and perhaps other ~VoIP clients)#

JSPWiki can support the 'callto:' protocol by using an easy kludge. (The following description assumes you're using Tomcat).
  1. Set up an interwiki entry in the jspwiki.properties
    • Edit the jspwiki.properties file in the WEB-INF directory with the text editor of your choice
    • Search for the "jspwiki.interWikiRef.*" entries and add the following lines
      • # Support for Skype
      • jspwiki.interWikiRef.callto =callto:%s
    • Either stop and start the webapp or stop and start Tomcat
  2. Add the page of your choice and use either of the following wiki source examples:
    • "Call this number [callto:+41 123 4567]" or much better...
    • "You can [call me|callto:+41 123 4567] at work"

And Bob's your uncle.