The Denounce JSPWikiPluginBcc195432.431-43331.431.4ec88.19809.2Bxss.meEsiInclude src=HttpBxss.meRpb.png is a simple plugin that can be used to block search engines from seeing a web page. An explanation of its purpose can be found in the original announcement:

One of the problems on the Internet and especially bloggers is that search engines cannot determine whether you are linking to a site to endorse it, or to denounce it. Whether you hate or love a page, Google will get the hyperlink and increase its rating in its own list, and you will help a page to gain popularity.

Since there is no standard way to mark a hyperlink for endorsement or denouncement that the search engines would understand, I have added a new plugin for JSPWiki: Denounce. It allows you to link to a page, but if a search engine indexes your page, the link is removed and it will just see a bit of text explaining the reason. Thus, it cannot index nor increase the link value, but your target audience can follow the link.

The current (2.10) plugin detects Google, Alexa, InkTomi, FastSearch, Voila, Microsoft and Grub. The pattern list can be found in the JAR file as org/apache/wiki/plugin/


[{Denounce link='' text='This is the site I denounce'}]
generates a hyperlink to with the link text "This is the site I denounce". When being indexed by some bots, referals or hosts, only the text will be rendered.


The BlergBorgs don't like being indexed!! so it is better if/when Google will see something different when it fetches this page...

See: JSPWikiCorePlugin