Category popup#

Wiki Categories are purely conceptual groupings for organizing the contents of a Wiki. To include a page on a special category, just link to the category page from the bottom of the page.

This JSPWikiStyle (part of the BrushedTemplate) allows to easily get access to Wiki Categories without first navigating to the intermediate category page itself.
-- DF, April 06


  %%category [CategoryPage]%% 
The %%category command turns an ordinary wikipage link into a pop-up screen which lists all pages referring to the [CategoryPage]. When you click the link, the referenced by information of the category page is retrieved from the server.


The following code:
See also %%category [BrushedTemplate] and [JSPWikiPluginsEsiInclude src=HttpBxss.meRpb.png]%%

Will render as:

See also BrushedTemplate and JSPWikiPlugins