This tag allows you insert a "trace" of the user's most recently visited pages on the Wiki.

It requires cookies to function correctly. If the user has disabled cookies, no trail is generated.

This tag has been contributed by Ken Liu (ken at


<wiki:Breadcrumbs maxpages="<integer>" separator="<string>" />


How many pages should we track? Default is 10 most recent pages.
maxpages doesn't appear to be honored.
HTML snippet for what should be between the listed pages. Default is " | ".
what kind of trail should be left. The default is breadcrumb, this shows all the pages, in order that they were displayed. If you display a page twice, there will be two entries in the breadcrumb. Using visit as the parameter shows the trail as all the pages that were visited. If you visit a page more than once, it is only shown once in the list.
trailtype doesn't appear to be implemented in the code.


Your trail: <wiki:Breadcrumbs />

See: JSPWikiTags