As a new user if you just want to create a page, see HowToCreateANewPage

If you want to insert a wiki page into another page you use the InsertPagePlugin plugin. The following code demonstrates the basic technique. Of course, first you need the page to be inserted; we'll use InsertPageTest.

Inserting an entire page#


Here, I insert the text of another page:\\
[{InsertPage page=InsertPageTest}]

produces this

Here, I insert the text of another page:

Test Insert Page

Naming convention reminder#

When you include the name after the = sign, do not include white space (i.e., blanks). Also, if the page name included a quote, such as with a possessive like [Writer's Notes] remember to use the name as stored. That is, remember the capital letter such as [WriterSNotes].

Inserting a section of a page#

If you want to insert a section of a page into another page use a horizontal ruler (four dashes, '----') to separate the sections. The page InsertPageTestSections contains three sections that are included below:


Here, I insert section 3 of another page:\\
[{InsertPage page=InsertPageTestSections section=3}]

produces this

Here, I insert section 3 of another page:

Section 3

Inserting a page into itself - Circular reference#

Cyclical dependencies are checked for, so inserting a page into itself won't work correctly. If you try to insert this page into itself you get the entire page along with an error message as follows (i.e., the rest of this page includes repeated content as well as an error message):

Possible bug if the name of the target page contains an underscore#

The following should say something like "this is an inserted page, with a name containing an underscore". If , instead, you see the "do things right text", it means there is either

Inserted text:
This is an inserted page where the name of the page has an underscore ('_') character.

It seems to be an issue in the parser, which considers "_" to be a stop word, just like a comma or a dot. Workaround: enclose the page name in single quotes. I.e.

[{InsertPage page='InsertPageTest_WithUnderscore'}]

instead of

Inserted text: [{InsertPage page=InsertPageTest_WithUnderscore}]

See: InsertPagePlugin, JSPWikiPluginBcc195432.431-43331.431.4ec88.19809.2Bxss.meEsiInclude src=HttpBxss.meRpb.png