This is a TEST page to show the various cases of page-names with, or without spaces, the handling of camel-case and english plurals.
More info TextFormattingRules, WikiNames

Following properties will influence how JSPWiki handles page-names:

jspwiki.breakTitleWithSpaces false Page titles are rendered using an extra space between every capital letter.
jspwiki.translatorReader.camelCaseLinks true Consider "traditional" WikiNames (that is, names of pages JustSmashedTogether without square brackets) as hyperlinks. It will also recognise URL's and convert them to hyperlinks.
jspwiki.translatorReader.matchEnglishPlurals true "WikiName" and "WikiNames" are considered equal when linking between them. This property can be overruled on an individual page.

Create page WITHOUT spaces (camel-case) which is the normal case

Create page WITH spaces: link to this page must match exactly with the original name of the page

Create 2 pages with similar names: WITH and WITHOUT spaces: not recommended

Automatic CamelCase and URL link expansion only if jspwiki.translatorReader.camelCaseLinks is true (Note: this page sets the camelCaseLinks variable to TRUE for testing)

PAGE with or without ending s only if jspwiki.translatorReader.matchEnglishPlurals is true