The PageViewPlugin is a JSPWikiPlugin that counts page views and presents the statistics on page views. The counters themselves are kept in memory and persisted in the JSPWiki work directory, loading and saving on startup and shutdown.

Three main functionalities are supported:

Most of the functionality is present in the list format.

The plugin uses the following parameters:

The following parameters are used when format equals list:

An example of the counter in TitleBox would be:


An example of a table listing the top 50 pageviews excluding the main page and the administrative pages:

[{PageViewPlugin show='list' sort='count' entries='50' exclude='Main,*Pages'

* [{1}] ({2} views)

A possible outcome of the above is:

An example of a table listing the pageviews on categories presenting popularity bars:

[{PageViewPlugin show='list' refer='Categories'

|| Name  || Count
|  [{1}] | %%gBar {2} %%

Which could render as:

Live statistics#

We also created a page that has all pageview statistics of this wiki, see PageViewStatistics .

See: JSPWikiCorePlugins