Apache JSPWiki's language translations #

Apache JSPWiki is available in several languages. You can help us by improving, completing or adding new translations! There are two areas concerning internationalization: Apache JSPWiki itself, and the default set of core wiki pages.

Apache JSPWiki i18n texts#

The i18n-ed texts are available on the jspwiki-main module, inside the src/main/resources directory (CoreResources*.properties files), and also under the plugin and templates folders.

Adding a new language is pretty easy, just make a copy of the, plugin/ and template/ files suffixing them with the appropiate locale. F.ex., if you were to add the localization for the es_EU locale, the files would be named, plugin/ and template/ Once that is done, the translation can be performed on those files; there are over 650 entries over them, so adding a new locale will surely take some time.

It may happen that once in a while there's a need of introducing a new i18n text. To avoid having to keep up looking for new translations on every commit, you can have a look at the Translation Status page. If there are still entries to be localized, there's an utility class on the jspwiki-main module, that will come nifty. Execute it either through your favourite IDE, or from the console like:

java -cp target/classes <language> [<path>]

and it will report the missing entries, the ones that are duplicated and the ones outdated (the ones not currently used anymore).

Core Wiki Pages#

They are located at the jspwiki-wikipages folder. Adding a new language is really straightforward, just copy over the en folder with the new to-be locale and translate the txt files inside the src/main/resources directory. Note that it will take some time to add a new set of localized wiki pages, as they're around 40 files.

Submitting your changes#

Once you've completed / improved / fixed the appropriate translation you can either submit a Pull Request with your changes or attach them on a new JIRA issue. In any case, we'll try to get your changes as soon as we can. And thanks in advance for your contribution! :-)